No Rocks In Thy Socks.

 75 out of 75 people loved the sock             and it's multi-function ability.    



One Size Fits All

FieldSocks Material Allows

sock to take form of any foot.

Size 5.5 and up.

   Keep Rocks/Debris From falling Between


Has anyone experienced a rock/sticker/snow

falling between your shoe'N'sock before.?

FieldSock solves this problem and much more!

FIELDSOCK: Main Function is, The bottom cuff can serve as Gaiter socks, when needed. The socks are water resistant.


 Gaiter socks Function Is Good For:

1-Everyday Yard Work.

Ex: Raking leaves & mowing lawn.

2- On The Job Digging Or Drilling.

Ex: P Gravel climbing into boot / Wood chips from drilling.

3-Hiking. (Keeping Chiggers/Ticks Out)

4- Hunting. (Keeping Snow/Debris Out)

5- Brushing Snow Off Your Car.

    (Keeps Snow Out Of Shoe & Sock)

6- Riding Bike To Work.

    (Tuck Pant Leg Into Outer Sleeve)

7- Outer Sleeve Top Cuff.

(Serves As An Inconspicuous Holding Spot)

Ex: Stashing money while going to concert.    .

8- OSHA strongly suggests in some places, to have shoe laces secured some how to prevent accidents. 

9- '#Adjusters' 'Roofers' Going up'N'down ladder & on the pitch of roofs.Should be enforced to have laces secured.

10-FieldSock helps facilitate much more.


FieldSock Is Made Up Of:

Polypropylene 55% Nylon 45% Spandex 5%

 Field Socks: comes in one size

        (1 size fits all)

      - Roughly Men-       (6-12)

                       Woman- (4 1/2-10)

      - Outer Sleeve Bottom Cuff has added elastic for keeping in place.


      - Added cushion from heel to toe area: for warmth & to help relieve some of the strenuous movement your foot encounters through out the day.

       - FieldSock is made up of 3 threads,

That create a warm breathable and

functionable sock.

        - Thread type also wicks away


        - FieldSock has a 'Compression' of

10-15mmhg. This tight fit gives the foot support while relieving stress an ankle endures through out the day. FieldSock's Compression also helps with fatigue threw the calf and foot.        ~Stylish Compression Socks these are~

 - Thread content has characteristics that reduce odor.

*'ATHLETES' Some Sports Require Laces Secured.

I know in Basketball you don't want laces loose.

I know in soccer, You don't want laces in the way

while shooting a goal.


When FieldSock Becomes Debt Free,

FieldSock Will Be Giving 5-10% Of Proceeds

To: Finding a Cure to Multiple Sclerosis.

One Of Our Finest, was diagnosed with MS and we as a family

together in FieldSock. Will not stand for this, I ask who ever

reads this and has faith. Pray with us & with our prayers weaving together, creating a thread. This thread will extend into the next realm,

and will be heard & Answered. In the name of our Father, Almen

It is said to believe that Compression field socks to a sock helps with Varicose Veins, from developing. 

Field Socks are considered Warm cycling socks.

Wholesale PricinG

~  Inquire by email  ~

Patent Pending Status

FieldSock           Loveland-Colorado     

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